Good Practice for raising a Concern

When you become aware of abuse or neglect, you should make sure that emergency assistance, where required, is summoned and that your concerns are reported to your manager within your own organisation immediately;

Any information given directly by the adult concerned should be listened to and recorded carefully, using the person’s own words;

Only clarify the bare facts of the reported abuse or grounds for suspicion, do not ask leading questions e.g. suggesting names of who may have perpetrated abuse if the person does not disclose it.

If an Adult at Risk makes an allegation to you asking that you keep it confidential, you should inform the person that you will respect their right to confidentiality as far as you are able to, but, that you are not able to keep the matter secret;

Do not take any actions, which might alert the source of harm.

Record all factual evidence accurately and clearly in line with your organisation’s requirements and policies.

Never prevent or dissuade another person from raising concerns, suspicions or presenting evidence.

Do not discuss the incident with anyone without agreeing this with your line manager.

Checklist for concerns

These are checklists to aid decision-making. Procedures should be referred to at all times and professional judgment should be applied throughout.

  • Ensure the immediate safety of the Adult at Risk.
  • Seek any immediate medical attention where required.
  • Complete body map (see Body Maps Procedure) where appropriate.
  • Has a crime or a potential crime been committed? If so you must report this to the police unless the Adult at Risk is assessed to have capacity and is clearly saying they don’t want any action taken. This information will be shared later with the police as part of the Local Authority’s screening process .
  • Preserve any evidence.
  • Record accurately any information provided by the adult, their family etc. (using their own words)
  • Do not alert the alleged source of harm.
  • Is the Adult at Risk safe now?
  • Does anything more need to be done? To protect other adults or children? If so notify the children’s safeguarding or other access route for children’s
  • If the adult has disclosed what do they want (outcome) If so please record this
  • Are there any grounds to doubt their capacity to make this decision (MCA or coercive control)

Preserving Evidence