Outcome Review Meetings

The outcome review meeting is to review any outstanding actions made at the outcome meeting and to ensure the protection plan agreed at that meeting is working and the Adult at Risk is supported and enabled to manage any remaining risks

These may include any (or a combination) of the below:-

  • Face to face meeting with the adult to review if the outcomes agreed at the outcome meeting are still relevant and the protection plan developed enables the adult to manage any remaining risk. This could involve one or two organisations involved in supporting the adult
  • An informal meeting with a number of agencies with a chair agreed between the agencies – to review the outcomes and protection plan that covers more than one agency or more than one process – complaint/disciplinary etc.
  • A family outcome review meeting to evaluate if the actions from the outcome meeting have been maintained and the protection plan continues to enable the adult to manage their risk with or without support from family, agencies etc
  • A formal outcome review meeting with an independent chair- to discuss any outstanding actions from the outcome meeting and to review the protection plan to ensure the adult is supported to manage their risk were the adult remains unsafe, is dissatisfied with the progress against the agreed outcomes.
  • A formal meeting with an independent chair to review the outcomes agreed at the previous meeting, pick up any outstanding actions and review the overarching risks and outcomes that support organisational abuse, this should follow any individual outcome meetings and the findings from these should be included in the meeting. Pick up any feed back from regulatory bodies where referrals have been made. i.e. Disclosure Vetting and Barring Service, Nursing & Midwifery Council NMC, Health & Social Care Professions Council HCPC.

The level of recording of these meetings will vary from a very short set of notes to formal notes, depending on the type of meeting arranged The review will cover whether the protection plan is still relevant and the risk remain, are reduced or are removed.

If any actions are carried over from the outcome meeting, the outcome review meeting recorded if these actions have been met along with any changes made to the protection plan.