Outcome Meetings

In preparation of this meeting it may be appropriate to seek the view of the Adult at Risk in relation to where they would like meeting to be held. i.e. they may want this meeting to be held in their home

The purpose of an outcome meeting is to:

  • Review whether the adult’s outcomes have been met – fully, partially, or not met
  • Assess if the adults risk have been removed, remain, increase
  • Discuss how any remaining risks might be addressed for the adult and/or other Adults at Risk
  • Evaluate their satisfaction with the process and the outcomes
  • Identify if any other actions are required to improve practice or to reinforce protection plan etc.

The outcome meeting may include any (or a combination) of the below:-

  • Face to face meeting with the adult if the outcomes agreed at planning stage only involved one organisation and the adult does not want a decision on abuse
  • An informal meeting with a number of agencies with a chair agreed between the agencies – to discuss agreed outcomes that cover either more than one organisation or more than one process – complaint/disciplinary etc.
  • A family outcome meeting to evaluate if the actions from the planning meeting have been achieved and to explore if any further actions are required to keep the adult safe (the adult must agree to these if they have capacity/ If they lack capacity a best interest decision should be reached in advance of the meeting
  • A formal meeting with an independent chair- to discuss outcomes were the adult remains unsafe, is dissatisfied with the progress against the agreed outcomes or a decision is needed on whether or not abuse has been substantiated
  • A formal meeting with an independent chair to discuss organisational abuse, this should follow any individual outcome meetings and the findings from these should be included in the meeting. A decision on abuse must be reached and an independent chair should be involved.

The level of recording of these meetings will vary from a very short set of notes about if the outcomes have been met and if not if any other action can be reasonably be taken to reduce any outstanding risks to a more formal set of minutes to record the outcomes/ abuse decisions and identification of any ongoing risks and protection plan.

Outcome Review Meetings