Report and Record

The organisation you work for should have an internal safeguarding protocol with specific guidance on where or whom you should inform about potential abuse. If you are unsure who to share information with, inform your line manager. If your line manager is not available, you will need immediately to contact your Local Authority Adult team (see local contacts) or the police if you suspect a crime has been committed.

The concern must be reported immediately.

If you suspect that the person/manager you would normally pass any alerts to may be a the source of harm or involved in some way, you will need to seek advice immediately from another manager or, your local Safeguarding Adults Office, or if out of hours, the out of hours service or the police.

Records of incidents and concerns should be written as soon as possible, with the date, your signature and designation made clear. If records are hand-written, the original should be kept for evidential purposes.

Workers should be aware that their records relating to any concern or enquiry could be used as evidence in a range of procedures: disciplinary, criminal or at a safeguarding outcome meeting.