Safeguarding Adults Boards (SABs)

The Care Act 2014 placed a responsibility on all Local Authority areas to create a Safeguarding Adults Board, attended by all partner agencies and other key agencies with an independent chair.

Statutory Responsibilities of SAB’s includes:

  • Complete a Safeguarding Adults Reviews when adults die or are seriously injured as a result of abuse/neglect and publish the lessons learnt.
  • Publish an annual Strategic Plan – detailing what we will achieve.
  • Publish an Annual Report – detailing what we have done to keep people safe.

In order to carry out its functions, SABs will need access to information that a wide number of people or other organisations may hold. Some of these may be SAB members, such as the NHS and the police. Others will not be, such as private health and care providers or housing providers/housing support providers or education providers.

A SAB may request a person to supply information to it or to another person. Under the Care Act, the person who receives the request must provide the information provided to the SAB if:

  • The request is made in order to enable or assist the SAB to do its job;
  • The request is made of a person who is likely to have relevant information and then either:
    • The information requested relates to the person to whom the request is made and their functions or activities; or
    • The information requested has already been supplied to another person subject to a SAB request for information.

The Board may create a number of sub boards to progress the work agreed in their strategic plans and often include a customer forum.