Section 42 Enquiry decision making

The safeguarding enquiry should be directly linked to the outcomes agreed with the adult at the start and throughout the safeguarding journey. It should include the following elements:

  • Information about the adult and a short history of the safeguarding journey and the outcomes agreed with them
  • Summary of relevant information gathered - eg – review of care plan, medical records, specialist reports (e.g tissue viability). Criminal investigation etc
  • Record of any interviews/conversations held with the adult/professionals/alleged source of harm
  • Evidence of capacity assessments and best interest assessments (if required)
  • Evidence that an advocate has been appointed if required and how they have been involved.
  • Analysis of the information gathered during the enquiry to evidence how outcomes have been met/not met and the risks addressed
  • Voice of the adult at risk or their advocate
  • Voice of the alleged source of harm (especially if abuse is being substantiated)
  • Recommendation of whether outcomes have been met/partially met/not met ; have we removed/reduced the risks or do the risks remain
  • If the adult wants a decision about abuse OR if a decision is in the public interest please state if abuse has been substantiated and in which categories.
  • Review of any outstanding risks and details of a protection plan, if required

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