What to do if you Suspect Abuse

Ensure Safety

The first priority is to ensure the safety and protection of the Adult/s at Risk. In making the person (and others potentially at risk) safe, it may be necessary to report the concern to the police (if a crime has been committed or to prevent a potential crime) or the emergency services as required. It may be necessary to organise an assessment for medical treatment, contact organisations providing services or organisations that may need to provide an emergency assessment of needs. Practical support such as the landlord replacing broken windows etc. may be required. If medical treatment is not immediately required, medical triage may be arranged following discussions with your Manager (see Local Contacts).

If the source of harm is a paid member of staff/volunteer, then consideration should be given by their employer to suspension of these individuals pending an investigation, under HR processes. Foreign National Adults at Risk including victims of trafficking who go missing will be reported directly to the police and the Local Authority they are associated with, please see local guidance.

When an Adult at Risk goes missing or is found they will receive a multi-agency safeguarding response, please see local guidance.

Home Office Document, Missing Children and Adults: A Cross Government Strategy.

Please ensure a discussion with the Adult at Risk takes place regarding their wishes and feeling in respect of the desired outcome of the enquiry after the initial screening and risk assessment.

Preserving Evidence